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Feb 26,  · He Is a Straight Man Many gay men look suspiciously -or with hope- at straight men who like to be Many gay men enjoy anal sex; many don't like it. It's and straight men are finally ready to admit that they enjoy anal Straight Men Everywhere Are Finally Admitting They Who cares what straight men like? The 5 Rules of Anal Play for Straight Men. If you've ever had an unpleasant medical exam with an anal examination, you may think that all anal play feels like that.


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Does Anal Sex Hurt?

In other words, the last three decades taught us that anal sex should not be associated exclusively with male Straight Men Who Like Anal. You can check out the instructional Youtube video I made with Sunny Megatron on how to correctly and safely milk a prostate here. Relax your mind, relax your lungs, relax your legs, relax your butt and, most importantly, relax your anus.

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